• Hexagonal Netting Advantages

    The two adjoining wires of hexagonal netting twist with each other three or four times. It forms a stronger woven structure than chain link fence. Even a few cuts to the hexagonal wire fence fabric do not allow complete disintegration.

  • Gal. Hexagonal Wire Mesh

    Galvanized hexagonal wire mesh is made of galvanized iron wire, stainless steel wire with the galvanized surface. It is used as chicken wire, stucco netting in agriculture.

  • PVC Hexagonal Wire Netting

    PVC hexagonal wire netting is made of low carbon steel wire. With the straight twist, reverse twist processing, PVC hexagonal netting is used as poultry netting, chicken wire.

  • S.S Hexagonal Wire Mesh

    With corrosion resistance features, stainless steel hexagonal wire netting is used as wire fences or reinforcement in construction.

  • Chicken Wire

    Chicken wire, also known as poultry netting is made with hexagonal wire netting. It is used in feeding chicken fabricating into baskets. The materials and sizes range widely.

  • Poultry Netting

    Poultry netting, poultry fence refers hexagonal wire netting with low carbon steel wire. With firm structure and flat surface, it is used in industrial and agriculture.

  • Stucco Netting

    Hexagonal wire mesh as stucco netting is used for construction. Stucco netting is specially used as reinforcement for gypsum plaster, portland cement and ceramic tile.

  • Woven Mesh Gabions

    Gabions have woven gabions and welded gabions. Woven mesh gabion refers to the heavy type hexagonal wire netting by twisting. It is used in river protection.

  • Gabion Baskets

    Gabion baskets are manufactured from twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Gabion baskets applications are bridge protection, flood bank, coasting protection.

  • River Gabion Mattresses

    Gabion mattress is made of hexagonal wire netting by twisting for river bank. Gabion mattress is supplied with baskets to lace together the mesh panel.

  • Gabion Sacks

    Sack gabions filled with stones are used in river control and various emergency works. Sack gabions are supplied with steel reinforcing wires inserted during the manufacturing process to facilitate closing during installation.

  • Welded Gabions Box

    Welded wire gabions are made of welded wire fabrics. Advantage: Gabions made of welded wire fabrics offer much strength compared with woven wire gabions while they have similar flexibility.